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The only women's clothing online shop in the Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands are an attractive shopping area in Europe.

This is because the product you buy here is charged a much cheaper TAX instead of VAT
*Just 3% of IGIC for Clothes

K-Style women's clothing in the Canary Islands from 1998

Our 26 years of history in the Canary Islands certifies the quality of our services for K-Style women’s clothing.

We are specialist in Stylish Print Dresses & Basic Items

Order today, get it delivered to your hotel within 2 days!

Vestido Balpo KAREN
Vestido Balpo M/F
Vestido Estampado KAREN
Vestido Balpo KAREN M/C
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Camisa Cuello Pico Liso
Camiseta Digital M/C
Camiseta M/C Estam
Camiseta Balpo M/C
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Pirata Liso
Pantalon Liso Largo
Pantalon Liso Largo
Pantalon Vaquero
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Color Leggings
Print Leggings
Print shorts
Print shorts
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Over 5 million women’s clothes sold
since 1998 in the Canary Islands!

If you’ve visited the Canary Islands before, you probably own at least one piece of ELI NEWYORK clothing.

Take ELI NEWYORK out of your closet and send us a picture of the clothes with the ELI NEWYORK Label or a picture of you wearing them.
We’ll send you a 10% discount promo code on your next purchase.

(*ELI NEWYORK, formerly known as Eli & Irene)



C/Juan Rejón 50, Bajo, 35008
Las Palmas de G.C. España
Tel      : +34) 928 465 592
Móvil : +34) 639 557 027

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