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From February 4th to March 31st

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We are proud that we have been able to offer our products and satisfy our customers
in the Canary Islands for the past 25 years.


Thank you for your trust!

Show your ELI NEWYORK!

ELI NEWYORK has sold over 5 million pieces of clothing in the Canary Islands and across Spain,
so if you’ve visited the Canary Islands before, you probably own at least one piece of ELI NEWYORK clothing.

If you have ELI NEWYORK / ELI & IRENE clothing in your closet,
send us a photo and we’ll send you a 10% discount promo code on your next purchase.

(*ELI NEWYORK, formerly known as Eli & Irene)
(**Photos of clothing with the label ELI NEWYORK / ELI & IRENE or wearing the clothing)

Thank you for being our loyal customer!

Women's Clothing Online Shop for your vacation in the Canary Island

Gran Canaria | Tenerife | Lanzarote | Fuerteventura

Order today, get it delivered to your hotel within 2 days!

Over 5 million women's clothes sold in Spain since 1998





Order today, get it delivered to your hotel within 2 days!



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